How every kind of Moon messes with Geminis...

How every kind of Moon messes with Geminis...

Can the Moon really make people crazy? Some think so. I’m not quite sold, but I’m pretty skeptical about everything. Anyway, the Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). So, what happens to you when it’s in each sign? Here’s what to expect...

Aries: You have trouble communicating verbally.
Taurus: Your words will be perceived as too harsh.
Gemini: You better not talk at all...
Cancer: You’ll feel lazy and want to hide.
Leo: You’re a bit aggressive about what you want.
Virgo: You’re not being challenged enough or in a satisfying way.
Libra: You resort to less sophisticated tactics.
Scorpio: Power struggles and immaturity galore.
Sagittarius: You will have no filters on.
Capricorn: Life is too boring for words.
Aquarius: You have great ideas but fail to execute them.
Pisces: You whine and fuss if you don’t get your way.

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