How each type of Moon affects the sign of Taurus...

How each type of Moon affects the sign of Taurus...

People like to blame the Moon for weird occurrences. And, why not? I totally believe the Full Moon makes you crazy theory, and I’m a practical Taurus. The Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). So, what happens to you when it’s in each sign?

Aries: You might feel feverish and have vivid dreams.
Taurus: You’re more stubborn than ever!
Gemini: You have trouble making up your mind.
Cancer: You brood and crave solo time to wallow in it all.
Leo: You’re power-hungry.
Virgo: You’re resentful about having to save less capable people.
Libra: Other’s approaches seem stupid and annoy you more than usual.
Scorpio: You’re sneaky and closed off.
Sagittarius: You’re frivolous and a bit silly.
Capricorn: Your creature comforts aren’t as satisfying.
Aquarius: You think a bit irrationally.
Pisces: You’re likely to get lost, either literally or in thought.

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