How the twelve kinds of Moons affect Aquarians

How the twelve kinds of Moons affect Aquarians

Of all the celestial bodies, the Moon seems to throw people off normalcy most. The Moon passes through each sign for about two and a half days every month (more specifically, every 28-day cycle). So, what happens to you when it’s in each sign?

Aries: Whoops, you aren’t really listening and act without all the facts.
Taurus: Your food cravings are outright weird.
Gemini: You’re sneaky... but might trick others into things you’ll regret.
Cancer: Your sweet intentions turn sour.
Leo: You’re overly critical and your expectations are too high.
Virgo: Everything seems way too complicated.
Libra: Either you’re using others or they are using you.
Scorpio: Downright odd energy all around you.
Sagittarius: Your judgment is off which could be dangerous.
Capricorn: You might actually enjoy being boring.
Aquarius: Too risky, too much, too everything.
Pisces: Outside your cold and steady, inside you’re falling apart.

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