This is the one thing Libras need to let go of for good...

This is the one thing Libras need to let go of for good...

A friend once told me “You can’t carry the weight of the world.” It’s a common issue for Libras – they want to help so badly, they end up almost getting crushed under the weight of other people’s problems. You, my dear, need to let go of other people’s baggage!

My friend told me this about helping other people... If you’re with a good friend, and their back hurts because their backpack is heavy, it’s OK to offer to carry it for them for a little while. But as soon as it YOUR back starts to hurt after an hour or so, give them their bag back. It is not yours to keep. In fact, instead of carrying it for them at all, help them take some of the weight out. Aka, listen, give some advice, figure out solutions to their smaller problems. But that bag is theirs to deal with.

Point is: you cannot save the world. Do what you can, but remember to take care of yourself. You are your own best friend, and can’t be much help to anyone if YOU become the one with the heavy burden to carry. Stay strong, Libra!

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