Five things that prove Leos get it all…

Five things that prove Leos get it all…

Do you ever thank your stars? If you haven’t, maybe you should. Very few signs get it all. Virgos and Cappies are good at work, Scorpios are good at sex and Libras and Geminis at friendship. But us Leos, we get it all. Here’s why:

1. No one knows how to make an appearance like Leo does. When we walk into a room, we shine and every single head turns our way.
2. In the romance department, we go for the win! Even Leo females are chivalrous and love the joy of the chase.
3. We don’t let bad experiences hold us back like other signs do. We know how to forgive and forget.
4. As our ruler, the Sun makes us the most expressive and creative sign of all.
5. No other sign shines in every department. We are great lovers, we succeed on the career front and we are loving friends.

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