The unique traits of those born at the end of Cancer

The unique traits of those born at the end of Cancer

If you were born in the last decan of Cancer, from July 12th to July 22nd, you have different personality traits from the Cancer natives that were born in the first or second decan of your sign.

Here's what makes you so unique:

- Your planetary sub-ruler is Neptune, making you a hopeless romantic and optimist.
- Combined with the Moon, your ruler, Neptune also gives your personality an element of disguise.
- You have an extraordinary ability to express yourself artistically, specifically through poetry and music.
- You can be a style chameleon, enjoying changing your look for every occasion.
- Your personality is just as adaptable, helping you relate to people from all walks of life.
- You probably daydream a lot and love to sleep because you get special guidance from your dreams.
- Spending time alone is very necessary because it is then when you connect with your inner self.

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