Awakening the phoenix within you…

Awakening the phoenix within you…

Have you ever felt very different from the rest? You are, as a matter of fact, very different! Scorpio is a multidimensional sign. The only sign that has not only one or two, but three animal symbols. The Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix.

The power of transformation Scorpio has is attributed to the Phoenix. The immortal being that rises from the ashes of its own funeral, only to come out stronger.

You will know you are at the Phoenix stage when you are going through an experience that is changing your life forever. When you’re feeling at your worst, you might hit bottom and start punishing yourself for ending up in a certain situation.

The truth is, Scorpios need that risk, that danger, that pain and intensity like the crash-and-burn Phoenix does in order to resurrect and be born all over again. After that, the Phoenix flies even higher!

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