What to do when a Capricorn is having a crisis

What to do when a Capricorn is having a crisis

Capricorns tend to be too proud (or maybe just stubborn) to ask for help, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need or appreciate the offer. There are just some approaches to helping a Goat that work better than others. So, try these for the best response:

1. Just listen. Don’t try to offer up advice unless your Capricorn directly asks for it. It’s almost certain they’ve already overthought and over-researched the situation.
2. Don’t ask IF you can help, ask HOW.
3. Offer them a hug. If they like hugs, hug them often and give them a reassuring squeeze.
4. Don’t add responsibilities to their plate. They already have too much to handle and might not let you take things OFF their plate, but do everything in your power to not add more weight.
5. Force them to have some fun. Even if it’s just a funny gif or joke, share it. Take them to the new comedy they mentioned. Be a goofball and make them giggle. Capricorns get great benefits from smile therapy!

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