Secrets to help Aquarians maintain their youth...

Secrets to help Aquarians maintain their youth...

Society is obsessed with youth. And Aquarians maybe more so than other signs, but not in the superficial way. We simply don’t want to get old and stagnant. We are revolutionaries with clever imaginations. We don’t want to get rusty! So, how can you hold on to your youth? Here are some easy ways...

1. Take classes. Community education or activity clubs are available in most cities, for a small fee. There are even free talks and learning seminars at public libraries. Or, you can take online classes. Keep your mind sharp.
2. Seek out the next health craze. Be one step ahead and make healthy eating a game. Find the next cool leafy green (sorry, kale) or diet plan and be into it before everyone else is.
3. Mix up your exercise. Even if you love the gym, force yourself to try new things.
4. Go easy on yourself. So, you see new wrinkles? So what. They are life lines. Just because your appearance changes doesn’t mean you’re out of your prime. You’re just transforming into a bigger, beautiful butterfly.

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