The one thing Capricorns can’t deal with in love

The one thing Capricorns can’t deal with in love

We all have “sore spots” or things that make us horribly sensitive and weak. And when love is involved, it’s even more touchy. There is one sore spot that Capricorns have a lot of trouble dealing with in romantic relationships...

Being totally swept off our feet. We can get really scared really fast when we sense our heart has totally taken over and that we aren’t being rational. Love isn’t rational a lot of the time, but when we fear we might be lost in a fantasy, it can freak us out. We want it REAL.

If we start to feel too vulnerable, we might pick fights or actually start sabotaging the relationship. It’s not that we want it to end. Far from it. But the idea that it could end, and not on our own terms, is terrifying. So we might actually ruin a good thing because we think it must be too good to be true.

The best thing our partner can do? Reassure us and show us the utmost respect. And, if we start to pull away, call us out on it! Show us you’ll fight to keep us. We are worth it!

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