What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

Surprise, Gemini! Turns out you have three personalities, not just two! Our multifaceted, fascinating sign also has a third alter ego that comes out when we are in touch with our deepest self. And your alter ego is... Sagittarius!

It might not seem like you’re so opposite, but Sagittarius comes out of you in unexpected ways. Your alter ego is coming out when you plan things out ahead of time, versus acting in the moment ala your true Gemini nature.

Sag curbs your impulses and makes you more organized and conscious of how your actions will affect others. It also actually helps you chill out a bit, saying no when you’re overcommitted or taking an afternoon off to do nothing but daydream. Sag helps you live life on your own terms - successfully. Pretty awesome!

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