Lucky you if you catch a Pisces man…

Lucky you if you catch a Pisces man…

Gorgeous, mysterious and incredibly magnetic, the Pisces man is one of a kind. Very sensitive, generous and unworldly, he is defined by his emotions. If you end up dating a Pisces guy, be ready to dive into the waters of the dreamiest of worlds because…

- He will be open to understanding your feelings.
- He will write you poems and bring you flowers.
- He is full of ideas and has a vivid imagination.
- He will be a faithful and loyal partner.
- He is a generous and passionate lover.
- He is easygoing and knows how to go with the flow.
- He loves singing, listening to music and going dancing.
- He is in touch with his emotions more than males from other signs.
- As someone who follows his dreams, he will instigate you going after yours.

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