Four tips for Aries to find love online…

Four tips for Aries to find love online…

I hung out with an Aries friend yesterday and she was telling me how tiring it is to try and find love online. She said it takes her forever to read and answer messages, do her research and follow up with the prospects. “It’s like a full-time job!”- she said.

Because I really know how much she wants to find love, I wrote a few tips for her:

1. Always be truthful about your past and who you are - Don’t pretend to be someone you are not or become someone’s list of requirements just because you want to score a date with them.

2. Be choosy - Flirt until you die, but unless you want to end up serial dating, just go out with who you are seriously interested in. It is OK to say no.

3. Spin positively - Focus on saying what you want and are looking for in a partner instead of what you don’t want or would hate in one.

4. Be smart about catching the creeps - As a male myself, I know there are guys you would not want to get involved with. If someone doesn’t feel right, there’s probably something wrong with them!

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