What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

When you go from stoic and steady to hot-tempered and impulsive, your inner Scorpio is coming out!

Although it’s your opposite sign, Scorpio is your alter ego and you have a lot more in common than you realize. Here are just a couple ways Scorpio benefits your life:

- You are incredibly resilient. You can get through anything and come out stronger with your Taurus-Scorpio combo.
- Scorpio is all about rebirth. So, the next time you feel stuck, have faith that you can and should make any life change you think will make things better. You might prefer stability, but sometimes you need to shake it up.
- Between your sign’s Spring Season qualities and Scorpio’s rising from the ashes persona, you shall rise again, better and brighter.

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