This Tarot card embodies your sign of Aquarius...

This Tarot card embodies your sign of Aquarius...

The Tarot is a very powerful fortune-telling tool, with some good cards and some bad cards. You, dear Aquarius, have a very good card associated with your sign. The Star! Look at the card itself – the woman pictured is water bearer!

The Star card represents inspiration, hope, and destiny. It serves as a guiding light, clarifying things and showing the way. It is one of the luckiest cards one can draw in a reading. It often means that their wishes are going to come true.

So, what does having this card as your sign’s mean for you? Essentially, that you should have great faith in yourself. You are, after all, the most innovative sign. You can make just about anything happen with your own ideas and effort. Follow your heart, because the Star, and thus the Universe, are supporting you.

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