Combine Zodiac and numerology, see a new you!

Combine Zodiac and numerology, see a new you!

Mind blown... a friend told me that if I combined my personal number with my Virgo Sun Sign, I’d have a really straightforward assessment of your most inborn personality. To find your number, add all the numerals of your birth date as single digits until you get one final single number... so, if your birthday is Sept. 6, 1989, you add 9 plus 6 plus 1 plus 9 plus 8 plus 9 and get 42. Split that into two digits and add 4 plus 2. That makes you a Virgo 6! So, does it hold up for you?

1: Outgoing and expressive
2: Agreeable and peaceful
3: Passionate and sweet
4: Rational and down-to-earth
5: Open-minded and rebellious
6: Creative and introspective
7: Dependable and efficient
8: Confident and persuasive
9: Wise and moral

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