Do you need to step down from the podium, Leo?

Do you need to step down from the podium, Leo?

Leos are easy to spot. We are usually the ones in the middle of the dance floor, telling all the jokes at the office or being the lead actors at the comedy or drama club. But, can that super-star attitude become a little obnoxious for those around us? Sometimes!

Let’s look at a few situations in which it would be best if you would give up the stage to someone else.

- At a wedding - Unless you were asked to give a speech or a toast, zip it! This is someone else’s time to be in the spotlight, and that means the bride and the groom.

- At a work presentation - If you are not leading it, it’s better to stay in the back and watch. Even if you feel like you could do a better job (and you can), your colleague could misinterpret it as you trying to steal their project.

- When two people are having an argument in front of you - Generous to a fault, we want to help people, but we can do more damage by getting ourselves involved in a situation that isn’t ours. Trust me!

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