5 signs you've pushed yourself to the limit, Capricorn

5 signs you've pushed yourself to the limit, Capricorn

Capricorn’s mental and emotional limits are higher than other signs, but they are still there. And once they are reached, it can have disastrous fallout for us and the many depending on us. Here are the five signs to recognize before you totally break down (aka, time to take a break!)...

1. You keep making mistakes and have to redo work.
2. Your memory is impaired to the point where you are misplacing your belongings, failing to show up for appointments, bills are past due.
3. Little things like being cut off in traffic or cut in front of in line make your blood pressure soar (and expletives fly out of your mouth).
4. You need a lot more sleep than usual and are eating more sugar and carbs.
5. Your loved ones are either overly attentive and it’s super annoying, or they are avoiding you and you don’t really mind.

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