Ways to help an Aquarius going through a crisis...

Ways to help an Aquarius going through a crisis...

Aquarians, the humanitarians of the Zodiac, are rarely victims and can usually manage tough stuff on their own. They certainly do not like asking for help. But sometimes they really need it. When an Aquarius you care about is struggling, there are some unobtrusive, kind ways to ease their burden...

1. Leave them little reminders that you care. From a simple “thinking about you” text to bringing them their favorite muffin for breakfast, this will mean a ton.
2. If you’re romantically involved, in a peaceful moment together, like when you are preparing dinner, embrace them from behind, and softly say how much you love them and to remember, you’ve got their back – literally and figuratively.
3. Offer to do a chore for them because “you’re going anyway” – like picking up their dry cleaning, buying items they need at the store, returning their library books, retrieving their mail.
4. Remind them that it’s OK for them to take a time out for them to do something nice JUST FOR THEM.

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