Do you have the common traits of Libra mothers?

Do you have the common traits of Libra mothers?

Whether you’re a mom of humans, furbabies, other pets, or see yourself as the mom of your friend group, no doubt you are a great one. Libras are built with natural good parenting skills because they care so much about others. But, are you a stereotypical Libra momma? If so, you have these traits...

- You rely on a partner (spouse, friend, roommate, co-parent) to help you and you share the roles associated with parenting.
- You might have trouble being in a firm parent role, leaning toward wanting to be your child’s well-liked friend. Punishments and setting rules can be hard if your child objects.
- Helping your child look their best is very important, so you love to dress them up, feed them healthy foods, and encourage inner beauty via boosting their self-esteem.
- When your child acts out, you feel totally out of control and stressed out. You might need an extra glass of wine at the end of the night of a rough day!
- Bottom line: you will do anything to make your child happy. From helping on school projects to buying them the things they want, you’re very generous and always there.

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