The perfection of the jaw-dropping Aries bride…

The perfection of the jaw-dropping Aries bride…

You are flawless, and your guests expect the same from your wedding. It takes a lot of work to create the illusion of perfection, and no one can succeed at that more than the Aries bride. Excitement, fun and late-night dancing hours are on the menu.

Invitations: Start your wedding theme here.
Venue: Exciting and non-traditional, like a hip hotel, a boat or even a nightclub.
Dress: Sexy with a surprise element, like a non-white dress.
Flowers: Stand up tall arrangements in the radiant colors of Spring.
Guest list: Be picky.
Music: Avoid all those classic songs and opt for a modern band or DJ.
Timing: Be on time, you don’t want to waste any of your precious wedding time.
Avoid: Throwing a tantrum if something doesn't go your way.
Extra tip: Have a photo booth with lots of props.

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