These two threats can put Capricorns in great danger...

These two threats can put Capricorns in great danger...

The good news? We are tough. The bad news? We better be, because Capricorns encounter two dangers more than other signs that, quite frankly, can be the undoing of more easily threatened types.

The first is that people harbor resentments against us. If we’ve done something – even if not intentionally or even with awareness – to hurt, annoy, or arise envy out of someone, they will most likely never forget, and rarely forgive.

There’s not too much you can do besides to be as kind, humble, and fair as possible, and apologize when you’re wrong. Try not to come off as aloof or cold. But remember, you simply can’t make everyone like you... especially those watery signs who take everything personally.

Second, if you have secrets, especially from your past, they are likely to come out eventually. Simple fix: live with integrity and be honest and upfront. The best way to avoid secrets is never to have them!

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