Broken hearted? Get the revenge you deserve, Scorpio!

Broken hearted? Get the revenge you deserve, Scorpio!

People say that revenge is bad. For Scorpios, this is a way to finish a story, to heal a wound, to close a door. Plus, it can be done in an innocent way, right?

I have come up with a few ideas for you to get back at your ex... according to each sign.

Aries: Downgrade them to second place.
Taurus: Learn how to cook awesome food and invite their friends over for dinner.
Gemini: Block them on social media.
Cancer: Make friends with their siblings.
Leo: Steal their spotlight.
Virgo: Get their car, place or desk really messy.
Libra: Start dating someone even more attractive than them.
Scorpio: Spread around one of their secrets.
Sagittarius: Make them wait forever… or never arrive to a meeting.
Capricorn: Become more successful than them.
Aquarius: Copy their fashion style.
Pisces: Make them speak in public somehow.

Revenge is sweet!

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