Five reasons everyone is grateful for Libras...

Five reasons everyone is grateful for Libras...

Libras tend to be optimists, but we all have bad days. When your skies seem gray and you’d rather hide from the world, remember these five things that make you so wonderful!

1. You’re the champion of underdogs, and that earns you great, positive karma for this life and the next.
2. Your gentle yet self-assured nature attracts the highest quality people, projects, and energy to you.
3. You are most physically beautiful of all signs. Not feeling attractive? Give yourself a little makeover or do things that boost your mood. Believe me, it could make a world of difference – little beauty rituals work better for Libras than other signs.
4. When you’re down on yourself, it’s probably just you. Meaning that others rarely notice your flaws. Love yourself and you might realize it’s all in your head. People adore you!
5. You have all the tools at your disposal to remedy a conflict. Use those smart mediation skills to get all sides to compromise, if not agree.

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