Accusations most Scorpios suffer from…

Accusations most Scorpios suffer from…

I had a fight with a friend last night. She accused me of sooo many things and I am just not handling it very well. I guess I never realized how different we are. I should have known, she is a detached Aquarian and doesn’t really understand the way I feel. She said Scorpios...

Lie: We sting.
Truth: Only if you mess with us, so don’t!

Lie: We are distrusting.
Truth: We have our reasons to test people.

Lie: We are very demanding of others.
Truth: We do everything for our people and expect the same in return.

Lie: We are very emotional.
Truth: That’s right! We feel things deeply and we are proud of that.

Lie: We are too sexy for our own good.
Truth: Not our fault that we are so magnetic and people misunderstand our approach.

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