Five reminders why you are the greatest, Capricorn!

Five reminders why you are the greatest, Capricorn!

Capricorns don’t like to brag... in fact, they are often very hard on themselves. And why? With so many reasons to love yourself, I wanted to point out just five that you should remember, repeat, rejoice!

1. While we tend to play by the rules, that actually gives us the most license to break them from time to time, because we know how to do so in a smart, successful, fair way. We deserve it OUR way sometimes!
2. As I’ve pointed out before, Capricorns are the best lovers... we just don’t put that out there until we find someone we want to turn up the sexy for!
3. We have the kind of sharp wit, goofy self-deprecating jokes, and sly comebacks that all signs can appreciate. Yes, we are the funniest!
4. We put the joy in everyone’s most cherished holidays because we keep traditions alive, love to create personal touches, and make sure everyone feels like a valuable part of our family – nuclear relative or not.
5. Our frugality allows us to live very comfortably, and to give back to help others in need (and those we just want to treat to something special!).

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