Oh no, Capricorn! You might be cursed with this...

Oh no, Capricorn! You might be cursed with this...

Do you ever work hard to get something, and after you’ve achieved it you aren’t... happy? You want more, right? That’s the common Capricorn curse: never having enough.

If this is true for you... if you’re always wanting more, more, more, here are a few helpful tips to stop this wanting and start appreciating and enjoying all you work so hard for!

1. Teach others your skills. If you pass along your lessons, you get to see your efforts in action possibly with no end.
2. Acknowledge every accomplishment, big or small, with a reward.
3. Have the next goal lined up before you finish this one.
4. Accept that you have nothing to prove to anyone... you’re already amazing. Love yourself as you are!
5. Repeat after me... you don’t need to always have a goal. You can just BE.

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