What you can learn from your sign’s alter ego...

What you can learn from your sign’s alter ego...

Capricorns are NOTHING like Cancers, right? Wrong! All signs have the opposite, which is also known as their alter ego. Cancer is Capricorn’s opposite, and when situations get extremely tough, you will find that by using Cancer qualities that are deep within you, you can do yourself a big favor.

Cancer compassion, sweetness, sensitivity, and domesticity can get you out of a big oops or cope with major life stress far better than relying on those tough-as-nails classic Capricorn traits. While everything should be used in balance, your soft alter ego Cancer is just what you need to deal when life is a mess.

Next time you’re feeling at wits end, what’s going to help you feel better? Working harder, ignoring the source of conflict, pretending you’re fine, going it alone? NO WAY! It’s OK to cry, to ask for help, to hide out at home, to read inspirational self-help books. Retreat into your alter ego Crab shell for comfort. You’ll emerge stronger than ever before!

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