Capricorns can blame this anytime things go wrong...

Capricorns can blame this anytime things go wrong...

Saturn, your ruler, can be a powerful ally. It can also be a big pain in the behind! Chances are, when your life is a mess, Saturn has something to do with it.

Saturn is the planet of work, obstacles, patience, responsibility, discipline, limitations, and control. Basically all the things that make your ethics so strong and you so dependable and successful. But when planetary aspects involve Saturn, it can cause major problems with one or all of these.

So, if you’re experiencing any of the following, go ahead and blame Saturn. It’s very likely that Saturn is making a difficult transit, but know that this, too, shall pass...
1. Dealing with a major loss or lack of something important.
2. Having unfair responsibility or being blamed for lack of holding up your responsibilities (when you did your best).
3. Needing to cut ties with someone or something you aren’t quite ready to let go of.
4. Not getting what you want/need long beyond when you feel you should have.

Hang in there, Capricorn! Remember, you got Saturn because you’re the only sign strong enough to deal with it!

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