People are crazy to believe these lies about you!

People are crazy to believe these lies about you!

Aquarians don’t take kindly to liars, especially when the lies directly harm them. Well, I am here to call out a few of the most common and bogus lies about us Water Bearers.

Lie: We are weird.
Truth: Just because we aren't boring conformists like the rest of the signs, doesn’t make us “weird.” It is far more strange to be how you think you should be based on magazines, religion, school, etc. Being you is awesome, and should be different. There’s only one YOU!

Lie: It’s our way or no way.
Truth: We can be very flexible, but fact is, our way is usually the best way... it just takes other signs longer to realize this.

Lie: We are unfriendly.
Truth: We don’t bother with idle chit-chat and don’t need to be in the company of others. We are perfectly happy being solo, but will drop everything for people who intrigue, challenge, and inspire us.

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