What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

What you can learn from your sign’s alter-ego...

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming the day away when you should be on task? Do you long for a life straight out of a romantic comedy? Have you cried at a sappy commercial? Do you long for heart-to-hearts with strangers?

Come on, Virgo... part of you wants to if you don’t occasionally do all these things already. Why? That’s your alter ego coming out in the form of Pisces.

Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs, but you can benefit from embracing Piscean qualities when you need a break from your oft-harsh reality. Being oh-so-romantic and idealistic might seem uncomfortable at first, but once you let down your inhibitions, you might enjoy it (if only in your private moments).

I can almost guarantee that letting out your Pisces side more often can reap benefits for you in your relationships, at work, and even with your self. Why? Because you will become more human, more approachable, more in touch with your inner god or goddess. I’m not saying to turn into a blubbering baby... but just loosen up that Virgo edge.

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