What you can learn from your sign’s alter ego...

What you can learn from your sign’s alter ego...

Every sign has an opposite on the Zodiac wheel. That sign is your alter ego, and for Aquarius, it’s Leo. Your alter ego helps you solve problems in your Aquarius life by applying behaviors and ideas that are classically Leo.

Here’s how you can tap into your Leo alter ego in times of struggle:
1. Leo is a proud, outgoing, vivacious sign. Remember to take on these powerful characteristics (versus retreating or isolating as independent Aquarians can do).
2. Let that excited, passionate inner child out to tackle problems you’re stuck on. Maybe all it needs is a youthful, curious, dive-right-in approach.
3. Leos and Aquarians both like to express themselves. You, Aquarius do so in a more introspective, subtle way. Leo does so in a dramatic, out-there fashion. You can benefit from more ego-boosting (aka, showcasing your talents for all to see) expression.
4. Make an effort to connect more with other people. While you love to socialize with your inner circle, you don’t mingle and get out there as much as Leo does. Expand your social network and don’t be too self-reliant.

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