Zodiac & numerology reveal a new side of you!

Zodiac & numerology reveal a new side of you!

Numerology is so fascinating, just like your Sun Sign. Combine the two and you learn a new side of you! Here’s how to calculate your personal number. If you were born on October 1, 1987 (me), that’s 10/1/1987. So then add each number – 1 plus 0 plus 1 plus 1 plus 9 plus 8 plus 7 = 27. Then 2 plus 7 = 9. That’s your number!

Libra 1: You are artistic and drive to succeed.
Libra 2: You’re a peacekeeper and cool, calm, and collected.
Libra 3: You’re open, talkative, and soft-hearted.
Libra 4: You’re practical and purposeful.
Libra 5: You’re innovative and adaptable.
Libra 6: You’re focused on justice and compassion.
Libra 7: You are trustworthy, reliable, and open-minded.
Libra 8: You’re a leader with a graceful kind of confidence.
Libra 9: You’re a wise friend and have strict morals.

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