Pick these numbers to get even luckier, Scorpio!

Pick these numbers to get even luckier, Scorpio!

Don’t go through life randomly, Scorpio. When you have a choice, pick our sign’s numbers to maximize your luck factor.

Scorpios vibe with the following numbers:

Two - This is the number of wisdom, insight and persuasion that characterizes a productive interaction with others. Because Scorpios can be very secretive, this number can help us show our sensible side. For example, if you are planning a first date or important meeting, try scheduling it for the 2nd, the 12th or 22 at 2pm.

Four - As the number of dedication, discipline, order and endurance, number four resonates with Scorpio’s hardworking ethic, dedication and high standards. For anything career or school related, picking number four can bring us success by helping us adopt a more down-to-earth and balanced approach.

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