A late bloomer? It’s common – and useful - for Capricorns!

A late bloomer? It’s common – and useful - for Capricorns!

I’m a late bloomer, and if you’re like most Capricorns, you are, too. Many people think this is a bad thing, but that’s not true. Late bloomers actually get to experience more, and on a deeper level because of the time and knowledge we accrue as we come to fruition.

So, what is a late bloomer? Ask yourself if any of these are true about you – if so, you are one.
- You found love or had your first major sexual experience later than most of your peers.
- You aren’t ready to do a lot of the things your friends are currently doing.
- You seem to be the last to embrace a trend, technology, or belief system.

So, if you are a late bloomer, rest assured that it’s a sign of strength, vitality, character, and morals. These qualities make you a success! Why? We watch others make mistakes and learn from them so we often avoid making them entirely!

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