The Archer and Chinese astrology…

The Archer and Chinese astrology…

Unlike western astrology, Chinese astrology is based on Lunar cycles, and combining these two can get scary close when describing one’s personality. Find out who you are under this Solar-Lunar combination:

Sagittarius Rat: You are analytical and adventurous.
Sagittarius Ox: You are tenacious but refined.
Sagittarius Tiger: You are bold and courageous.
Sagittarius Rabbit: You are artistic and beautiful.
Sagittarius Dragon: You are passionate and independent.
Sagittarius Snake: You are wise and intense.
Sagittarius Horse: You are practical but also fun!
Sagittarius Goat: You are intelligent and sensual.
Sagittarius Monkey: You are inventive and energetic.
Sagittarius Rooster: You are sharp and extravagant.
Sagittarius Dog: You are an incredible visionary!
Sagittarius Pig: You are generous and romantic.

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