Combining your Sun Sign with your Chinese sign…

Combining your Sun Sign with your Chinese sign…

Astrology is complicated but it can also be fun, especially when we combine our western sign with our Chinese sign. In just a few words, find out who you are under this combination:

Cancer Rat: You are extremely charming and resourceful
Cancer Ox: You are clever but also elegant.
Cancer Tiger: You are creative and powerful.
Cancer Rabbit: You are dramatic and sophisticated.
Cancer Dragon: You are optimistic and imaginative.
Cancer Snake: You are astute and beautiful.
Cancer Horse: You are popular and adventurous.
Cancer Goat: You are wise and generous.
Cancer Monkey: You are adaptable but also fun.
Cancer Rooster: You are energetic and resilient.
Cancer Dog: You are honest and caring.
Cancer Pig: You are smart and determined.

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