Shocking lies other signs believe about Geminis

Shocking lies other signs believe about Geminis

Truth is, Gemini is the most misunderstood sign. Sometimes the other signs simply do not get us, because they just aren’t mentally as sharp.

I recently broke up with someone who really turned on me when I ended things. I should have known better than to date an overly sensitive Cancer! Here’s what she accused me (and ALL Geminis) of being...

Lie: We are messy.
Truth: We have a system and like to have a lot going on.

Lie: We are undependable.
Truth: We like to keep our options open.

Lie: We are shallow.
Truth: We want it all – looks, brains, quality.

Lie: We are devious.
Truth: We are always one step ahead – not our fault if you can’t keep up and see that as “tricky.”

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