How Leos can tone down their drama…

How Leos can tone down their drama…

Most Leos have dramatic lives; it’s just how it is. It is not completely our fault. Leo rules the 5th house of acting, theater and drama. Yes, we can sometimes blame our stars, but when we can’t do that, we must learn how to tone it down… at least just a little bit.

Here are three ways to do it:

1. Change your perspective - Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes might help you go from drama queen to drama princess.

2. Is it really such a big deal? - Whatever you are going through, there’s a big chance that you could be blowing something out of proportion. I am a Leo who is very guilty of doing that!

3. Channel the anger - Instead on going off on someone, try channeling your anger or anxiety into something positive. Journaling, exercising or talking to someone who is not involved in the situation can certainly help.

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