Capricorn brides shine with these wedding plans...

Capricorn brides shine with these wedding plans...

Anyone is lucky to land a Capricorn, because she's such a low-maintenance bride! Here's what my Cappie pals and I came up with for the ideal Capricorn wedding...

Dress: Classic, understated, traditional, but stunning. This is her day to shine.
Flowers: Something native to their childhood home, even wildflowers.
Venue: A rooftop, friend or family home, or they might even prefer to elope or just go to the courthouse!
Guest list: Everyone in her core support system – from friends to family to colleagues.
Theme: Anything easy. They won’t want to spend a lot of time planning. This should be a fun day when they can enjoy recognition for this special event in their lives that does NOT have to do with work!

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