Still hung up on your Libra ex? How to get them back...

Still hung up on your Libra ex? How to get them back...

Wondering if you can get a second chance with a Libra you lost? Lucky for you, Libra is the most forgiving sign. Still, it takes a lot to get a Libra back after they have left. If you meet all these criteria, you might just fall in love all over again…

1. Your words and actions are in synch. If you say something but then do the opposite, your Libra won’t take you seriously. You can’t just say it, you need to do it.
2. You carefully listen to their concerns. Don’t talk over a Libra. Hear them out and make it clear that you are paying attention and taking them seriously.
3. If you did something wrong, come clean and apologize. Total honesty and remorse are crucial here. The only way you stand a chance is to tell the whole story, kindly, calmly, and with no embellishments.
4. Spoil them a bit. Give your Libra ex the royal treatment. If you really want them back, little gifts and lots of compliments go a long way. They are worth it!

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