6 new reasons it’s great to be a Gemini...

6 new reasons it’s great to be a Gemini...

Life isn’t always fun and games. No fair, right Gemini!? Luckily for us, the sign of the Twins is happier than all the others in the Zodiac. Why? Well, here are 6 reasons you might not always think of…

1. We have no trouble balancing work and play, because our dual nature makes us fun and practical at the same time.
2. We can size up any other sign within minutes, but even our closest friends still haven’t figured us out!
3. Geminis are sexy, sweet, smart, and sassy… quadruple threats!
4. We never stop learning new things, so just think of all the things you still have to discover and look forward to!
5. Geminis are of the Air element… free, always moving, changeable.
6. We can make just about anything interesting by applying our wit, imagination, and passion. We need only focus all our mental energy on it!

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