5 reasons Taurus is the best sign of the Zodiac!

5 reasons Taurus is the best sign of the Zodiac!

You know you’re awesome, right? After all, Bulls take NO bull, and you’re the most stand-up, honest, hardworking sign. But in case you need some reminders, here are my 5 favorite things about being a Taurus…

1. Our symbol, the Bull, not only exemplifies our strength, but it’s a magnificent creature that represents bravery, passion, and determination.
2. Our careful attention to all the little pleasure points makes us the kind of lover that always satisfies others… but we make sure WE gets ours, too!
3. We are powerfully resilient. Even when we get knocked down, we don’t let anything KEEP us down for long. We can get through anything!
4. Venus, our ruler, is the most beloved planet in the solar system, and it governs love AND money… all you need!
5. Our talents are some of the most useful and admired… we make beautiful things with our own two hands – music, art, food, gardening, design, fashion, you name it, we make it best.

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