Why Gemini babies are so very special...

Posted by Tamas Hyde
Why Gemini babies are so very special...

Children born under the sign of Gemini – the eternal youth – are super special. Here are some youth-specific traits...

1. Their minds and bodies can barely keep up. That’s because they grow in a rapid, sophisticated way. Even if your little Gemini doesn’t show an obvious growth spurt, they are leaps and bounds past their chronological age.
2. They are natural actors. They have a rich inner world and love to play make believe. They can be fascinated by what may look like simple, boring things. That’s because how they see is far more complex. Let them play up the drama, unless that turns into temper tantrums.
3. There interests and moods can change with no apparent rhyme or reason. The key to dealing well with a Gemini child is to go with their flow. Set them up for choosing the activities and pace they prefer each day.

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