Things Scorpio teenagers love – and loathe...

Things Scorpio teenagers love – and loathe...

Whoa, being a Scorpio is intense enough, but add being a teenager on top of it and it’s extreme! One extreme or another, that is. As Scorpio traits start to develop fully in the teen years, their likes and dislikes are especially strong. Here are a few of the key ones...

- Complete and total privacy, especially in their bedrooms, lockers, and phones.
- Mysterious subjects like astrology, the supernatural, crime, and homeopathy.
- Unique fashion statements, and creating their own style.
- Friends who can keep their secrets, but spill gossip about others.

- Not being told the whole truth. Even if it’s not what they want to hear, Scorpios need to be told all the details.
- Accusations and invasions of privacy.
- Sexual shaming. They are undergoing their very important sexual awakening and need to be allowed to explore that without feeling bad.

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