All about that special little Aquarius in your life...

All about that special little Aquarius in your life...

Aquarians are special, but Aquarian babies are even more amazing. Here are some things children born under the sign of the Water Bearer all have in common...

1. They are flexible and open-minded. They don’t set boundaries or have the same kinds of fears as other children. Their social circle may include all sorts of kids, adults, pets, imaginary friends.
2. They need time alone.
3. They can’t be held to strict rules and time limits, or this will stifle their intellectual growth and happiness. If you must set rules, think of ways to let them help set the framework for them.
4. They don’t show their affection and appreciation in the typical ways. They might not cling to you or need comfort in the 'usual' ways... again, let them have their space and don’t pressure them to conform to the ways other kids do things if they resist. Look for their unique expressions of love, like making you something or being kind to those around you.

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