Capricorns need to do a lot less of this bad habit...

Capricorns need to do a lot less of this bad habit...

Truth is, Capricorn, that you are the closest to perfect of all the signs. But you have one big, bad habit that can make you think you are anything but perfect, and that’s just sad! So, what do you do too much? Worry!

Before you get defensive (cuz I sure did when an Aries friend pointed out this tendency of mine), worrying can actually be a good thing. We prevent accidents and avoid conflicts because we look far ahead at all possible outcomes.

But when we start losing too much sleep or take up other unhealthy habits to cope with the anxiety that accompanies worry, it’s no good.

So, I’ve devised a simple tactic to help keep my worrying productive and positive rather than self-harming… simply ask yourself, “Will this worry me tomorrow? Next week? Next year?” It helps put it in perspective so you know if it’s worth all that mental activity. Take care, Cap!

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