Do you have this common-to-Gemini rude habit?

Do you have this common-to-Gemini rude habit?

It’s time to fess up, Gemini. I know your dirty little secret. You’re a bit addicted to texting, aren’t you? Well, I am. And so are my fellow Twin besties. We text all day long, about nothing and everything. But my Virgo friend is not so into me constantly pinging his phone. Phooey! So, I asked when I CAN text, and I was given these guidelines...

Good Texting Manners (according to a Virgo)
• Text complete thoughts. Do not send a long string of one or two word messages.
• Save emoticons for special occasions. Like, one per exchange max.
• If you don’t get a reply text within a few minutes, stop texting until you do.
• Do not text others when you’re in someone else’s company. Even worse? Texting the person who is right next to you! Exceptions: asking important questions or trying to coordinate group plans.

Honestly, I don’t know if I can follow all these. Or any of these. Oops! What about you?

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