6 little things every true Taurus native loves

6 little things every true Taurus native loves

Life can be tough. Luckily, for our humble sign, it’s the little things that can mean so much and turn our mood around. Here are six things guaranteed to perk up a Bull’s mood.

1. The soft touch of a cozy blanket or sweater on a chilly day.
2. The first taste of our favorite dessert.
3. A scent that reminds us of a happy childhood moment (fresh evergreen for me – reminds me of getting the family Christmas tree up in the living room).
4. An old song that we loved, forgot about, and hear out of the blue.
5. That special way the world glows and is refreshed after a storm, when the sun comes back out and the birds are singing.
6. Creating something with our own hands... from watching a seed we planted grow into a flower or vegetable, to giving a hug that made someone feel better.

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