Are you a positive or negative kind of Gemini?

Are you a positive or negative kind of Gemini?

Naturally, we have a dual nature. Some call this two-sided, or Jekyll and Hyde, or black and white. Well, I prefer well-rounded! But, in all honesty, Geminis tend to be more of one side than the other. Are you a Positive or Negative Gemini? Be honest!

Positive Gemini: You love to both listen to others and share your own stories.
Negative Gemini: You love to talk but sometimes zone out when people are boring.

Positive Gemini: You adapt to whatever situation you’re put in. Change is good!
Negative Gemini: You get distracted and frustrated easily if not in your preferred setting.

Positive Gemini: Dating and relationships are your jam. You just love connecting with others.
Negative Gemini: You tend to flit from one love interest to another. No one has made the cut yet!

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